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Jood mn Elmawjood

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JoodmnElmawjood is a Palestinian company established in 2014 in Ramallah City. The company specialty is in business gifts and unique mixture of organic food (Palestinian products) and hand craft(Palestinian heritage)  

We geared from the ground up to provide the type of business gift that leaves  clients excited to work with you. Our corporateā€™s products are designed to help you choose gifts that will fit your needs within your budget & every occasion  and events .  

Our products   

Organic food products (olive oil, scanted olive oil(rosemary  ,garlic,  chilly), molasses, legume, dried tomatoes, dried tomatoes with olive oil and rosemary, dried fruits, nuts, honey, honey with nuts, dried herbs and Palestinian spices, fresh fruits, handmade chocolate, chocolate dipped fruits, natural soap ,candles and other unique products.  

Hand craft (Palestinian heritage), (Embroidered bags with different fabrics, pottery and ceramic, straw baskets, woodworks , glass works and other).  
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Areas of Activities

Agrofood industry




        new investors

        we are looking for new investors


        new markets - packaging, organic food

        we are looking for new markets , latest packaging techniqe for organic food , products (organic food and hand crafts

        Keywords: PackagingFoodEquipment

        mix between organic food with hand crafts (organic gift)

        mix between organic food with hand crafts (organic gift)