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Palm of Tunisia

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Description• Founded in November 2014 in Tunisia, Palm of Tunisia, company of international trading especially in the trade of Tunisian products. • We are proud to produce dates that repeadly set industry standars in quality, appeal and consumer satisfaction. • Palm of Tunisia establish for a proven reputation for consitently delivering the highest quality dates- and this is combined with outstanding customer service, reliability and very attractive pricing. • Palm of Tunisia comprises of a strong team of business entrepreneurs with considerable experience in the trade environment, including banking, foreign exchange, import export, international business marketing and trade research. • Palm of Tunisia strives to establish long-term relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of various products for the International export market. • To successfully develop a strong trade network, the expertise and knowledge of a vast amount of trade information and procedures is required.Palm of Tunisia will acquired this information and now presents a trading opportunity to individuals and companies
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Agrofood industry


    Trading company especially for dates

    Trading company especially for dates

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