Randa Fahmy

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12 of October 2015
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DescriptionRandaFahmy is an internationally recognized as the world's pre-eminent designer in the Islamic tradition. For over 35 years her designs have been featured in Royal places private mansions, public buildings Mosques, parks, hotels and resorts throughout the Middle East and North Africa as well as Europe and North America. With an encyclopedic grasp of multi-cultural design traditions and a mastery of form and ornament RandaFahmy Factory in 6 October city is the region's facility for the manufacture of traditional architectural fittings and furnishings with the capacity for large -Scale serial production and we have 75 between the factory and the head, which confirms the interest of sustainability of organization work and developing the performance of staff RandaFahmy has produced thousands of unique works of Islamic Art and has committed to participate in Internal and External Exhibitions and all over the world.
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