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DescriptionVehicle manufacturer and specialized custom boats in limited number to thetransport sector, trade and production of food products, food distribution, and local fashion.
Organization Type Other, Company
Areas of Activities


    ICT and New Technologies




          Vehicle manufacturer and special boats, trade and production of food and local fashion.

          Custom design a Special vehicles and boats made of composite material on anymechanical with marketing company-specific customizations suited to conservation and transport of food products for sale, distribution, fashion, foodand crafts.
          Custom innovation of special vehicles in line with the company's Marketing policies, consists in the management and deployment, flexibility and greatermarket penetration, customize your vehicle over time housing other transportmechanics.
          SMES skills specialized in producing such marcketing platforms (Hardware& Software) other research institutes with expertise in research anddevelopment of agent-based systems oloniche end-users, food industry, food processing, promotion and consumption of food, transportation, local tourism sector.
          Tasks of the partner must perform coordination activities with company andmanufacturer of the vehicle or boat in order to conclude a contract for the supply of specific medium required.

          Keywords: transportlogisticsvehicleboatfoodfashion
          Cooperation Offered
          1. Other
          2. Sales / Distribution
          3. Manufacturing agreement
          4. Technical co-operation
          Cooperation Requested
          1. Investment/Financing
          2. Sales / Distribution
          3. Manufacturing agreement
          4. Technical co-operation