Yordanos Goushe Girmay

General Manager
Ethiopian Skin Beauty Secret Organics

Bilateral Meetings

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DescriptionCenturies ago Ethiopian Women combined only the finest of oils, selected herbs and botanicals, then carefully prepared them without boiling to ensure full potency and effectiveness of these special ingredients. They created a unique line of pure, gentle treatment Herbs. Natural nutrients work in harmony with the skin to soothe, moisturize, detoxify and help correct individual skin problems. Today people have experienced the remarkable benefits of   Ethiopian Skin Beauty  Secret products ,It is free from detergents, synthetic perfumes, animal fats, artificial ingredients and animal cruelty.  
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities



    Beauty and skin-care products production

    The objectives of the project are: to popularize the mild and skin friendly beauty products in Ethiopia and abroad and build a viable and profitable company; to provide women with healthy, organic and natural beauty products; transfer skills learnt abroad to Ethiopian women so they can support themselves by producing these products.

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