Almaz Ayele

General Manager/Owner
Almaz Poultry and Feed Processing Enterprise

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DescriptionAlmaz poultry and feed processing enterprise was established by one of the first women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia, in 1996.Our products are chicken broiler, eggs, dairy products, and edible vegetables as well as feed processing for company use and for sales.We have a total of 60 part time employees. Our facilities include 3x800 sq m hen houses with automatic and manual drinkers for chicken, 1 slaughter house, 2 cold rooms, a feed mixer (3 tons/hour), a dairy farm with a space for 60 cows and heifers, a water hole for water supply, office building for different departments, storages, a generator of 75 kW all on a land of 6 hectares in total with installed irrigation system. We are located in Debrezeit, 45 km southeast of Addis Ababa. The local market is our major target at the moment. With the gel-politic position of our country,we also have big hopes and aspirations to be able to export to neighboring countries that have high consumer demand. 
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Agrofood industry


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    We offer a facility ready for investment

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    Poultry meat and feed processing expansion

    The objective of the project is to establish a viable and strong company by meeting the high-demand for poultry meat and quality milk in Bishoftu town (where the enterprise is located) and Addis Ababa City (only 40 Kms away). Opening job opportunities for women in the area is also an integral objective of the project. The rationale for the expected success of the project lies in the high demand for the products in the mentioned cities and also the rich experience of the general manager in the business.

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