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DescriptionBioH srl have:1) an innovative eco-construction system in light steel and hemp-crete, interesting for energy saving, fast construction, low costs and internal high air quality2) air cleaning technology that eliminates virus, bacteria, mold, odors and chemical pollutants. Applications: Agro-food (storage, processing, transport of fruits, vegetables, meat,...), Office, Hotels, Nursing homes, Hospitals, Dental and Veterinary Surgeries, Schools
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Agrofood industry






            clean air technology

            "Aerpura is a innovative start up in indoor and outdoor air purification. From health clinics (hospitals, laboratories, medical and dental rooms) to chemical industry, from agricolture production (fruit, meal, flowers) to storage and transport, we have a specific product for every need. Advanced products, certified by the most prestigious research institutes, to eliminate viruses, bacteria, chemical pollutants and odorant molecules. This is possible thanks to the innovative air cleaning technology, which clears in few minutes, among others, the H1N1 virus and the coronavirus (Virpath - Institut Pasteur study).
            Inside the unit, viruses, bacteria, pollutants and odorous molecules are crushed and turned into pure air. For Chemical industry choosing the new air purification technology is far-sighted because it completely eliminates odors, microorganisms and chemical pollutants: the output air is perfectly healthy and does not contain residues and contaminants, hazardous for the workers’ safety."

            Keywords: processing foodstorage fruitstorage foodair purification
            Cooperation Offered
            1. Other
            2. Sales / Distribution
            3. Technical co-operation

            eco building system

            An eco-innovative way to build sustainable homes, offices, kindergartens, schools, etc ... steel and lime hemp materials to 0 km.
            The building has excellent thermal performance and indoor environment quality, speed and ease of construction, low cost.

            Also interesting to activate projects of business creation for activities related to hemp: agriculture, to food, to textiles.

            We can provide building consultancy and even collaboration to enterprise creation in the areas of construction and food processing hemp.

            Keywords: buildingeco-buildingjob creationcircular economytourist villages
            Cooperation Offered
            1. Manufacturing agreement
            2. Technical co-operation
            3. Other