Sara Yirga Woldegerima


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DescriptionThe company plans to alter the market dynamics of coffee in Ethiopia by improving farming, roasting and service standards. It operates a commercial size roasting plant with annual potential production capacity of 135 tons. Product and service quality is improved by bringing traditional designs and fabric patterns from coffee growing communities into coffee bags/cases made out of cotton, wood and bamboo while maintaining international packaging standards. This created market linkages among handicraft, hotel and tourism stakeholders. The Company now plans to further improve production efficiency and environmental safety with the purchase of an automatic weight and fill machine and afterburner, respectively. It will also establish a research facility to oversee product and business development, and an eco-lodge with an integrated and conservation-oriented coffee farm. We will transform coffee varieties of Ethiopia from a consumable commodity into an exchangeable gift item
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Agrofood industry


    Roasted Coffee production improvement and business development

    The major objectives of the business include:
    • Develop a sustainable business model;
    • Create job opportunity, earn foreign currency, and facilitate technology transfer;
    • Transform the service-standard of the Ethiopian tourism sector;
    • Strategically position Ethiopian coffee processing industry to be globally competitive; and
    • Complement the national development agenda through export of a value-added product.

    Reasons for the expected success of the project:
    • Unwavering commitment of the local investor;
    • Detailed understanding and planning of the business;
    • High acceptance and recognition of our brand and products within a relatively short period;
    • Relatively high level of expertise in coffee, especially when compared with local investors; and
    • Significant demand for quality coffee products in the local market.

    Key expectations from a foreign investor include:
    • Commitment and full support to the partnership;
    • Commitment and full support to the development of a sustainable business model, i.e. a business that is committed to its social responsibility as well as profitability; and
    • Commitment and full support to both financial investment and capacity development in strategic positioning, technology and skills development, and R & D.

    Cooperation Requested
    1. Technical co-operation
    2. Manufacturing agreement
    3. Sales / Distribution
    4. Investment/Financing