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Passant Art Factory is an e-commerce company, was founded in Egypt, January 2015, by Passant Saied. The company sells artist Passant Saied’s handicrafts products, including Sewed soft Dolls, Sewed Pillows, Oil Paintings on canvas, and Drawings printed out on magic mugs and copybooks. The project is mainly specialized in making handmade dolls for kids and adults/dolls collectors designed by artist Passant Saied. The products are made of high quality materials/ fabrics. The project is targeted to produce around four new dolls collection per year, with different names, themes, and materials. Passant Art Factory’s mission is to spread happiness through delivering Egyptian high quality and special handmade dolls for kids and adults with artistic taste.

Organization Type Women's Association
Organization Size1-10
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    Handmade Dolls

    Handmade dolls for kids and art lovers.

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