Raffaele Covelli

Managing Partner
Covelli Studio Legale (Law firm)

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DescriptionCovelli Studio Legale is an Italian law firm based in Milan with affiliated offices in China. We work in 3 languages (Italian, English, Chinese) advising foreign companies doing business in Italy, rest of Europe and China also in the food and beverage industry, EPC projetcs.
We advice our clients for commercial agreements (distribution, agency, trademark licensing); international trade issues (shipment contract, destination contract, Incoterms, bank issues), joint ventures incorporation, private equity investment in the food industries, credit recovery and litigation.
Our strategic goal is always to combine the lawyer's point of view with industry insights and great sense of business in order to provide intelligent legal advice to manage legal risks, reduce costs and addressing the client's needs.

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Areas of Activities

Agrofood industry







              Business development tax/legal plan

              We provide to foreign companies legal and tax support to develop commercial project in Italy or with Italian companies.

              Keywords: licence agreementsales agreementdistribution agreementarbitrationdoing business in Italylegal insightcluster supporttrade lawIncotermsItalian lawyerECP contracts
              Cooperation Offered
              1. Technical co-operation
              2. Investment/Financing
              3. Other

              Company incorporation

              We assist foreign company in NewCo incorporation or M&A project.

              Keywords: company lawsrlspaM&Acompany incorporationNewCojoint ventureItalian lawregistro imprese
              Cooperation Offered
              1. Other
              2. Investment/Financing
              3. Technical co-operation