Domenico Barbieri

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DescriptionThe company was founded in 1994. Over the years, we have specialized in creating cosmetic products for third parties, offering full services and products that continuously push the boundaries of innovation in their design, formulas, and characteristics. We believe that product quality, innovative production processes, and the professionalism and skill of personnel are essential ingredients for efficiently and effectively responding to the continuous challenges of today’s market. Deeply rooted in our company, these values have allowed us to grow and to be flexible and fast in responding to the needs of our clients and in meeting their requests. Within the company, we have a pharmaceutical department that is suitably authorized to produce Creams and Gels. To guarantee product quality, our production’s management and organization are lead in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures. We operate using IT tools, including PDIs and tablets, not only for tracking materials but also for running the entire production chain, which is coordinated based on priority and monitored for performance in line with the most relevant processes and schedules, recording every operation, as well as out of specs.
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