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Description"Italiana Ponteggi" manufactures its wide range of products with steel and stamped plates which are subject to continuous quality controls in order to guarantee excellent performances in building sites as well as great reliability and longevity. "Italiana Ponteggi" implements a production process that is compliant with DIN 8593 regulations concerning the irreversible joining of stamped plates of different elements belonging to the same item through the technology called “pressure joining” or “clinching”. This joining process presents many advantages: it is environmentally friendly and it safeguards the workers’ health (no harming gas or fumes are used) due to the high mechanical characteristics guaranteed by the circular geometry of close-joints without notching and with elongated embossment that provide the coupler with high resistance to tensile stress.
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      Italiana Ponteggi srl

      ITALIAN INDUSTRY PONTEGGI Srl, is an Italian company specializing in the production of
      equipment for building, sport and entertainment such as:
      - Scaffolding prefabricated frame,
      - Pipes & joints,
      - Scaffolding multidirectional
      - Tables and metal accessories,
      - Props and accessories,
      - Formwork,
      - Systems for armament floors,
      - Tribune and stages.
      ITALIAN INDUSTRY PONTEGGI builds paying particular attention:
      - The quality of the raw materials that are all Italian and certified,
      - Respect for the environment,
      - The attention to detail that are the result of years of direct experience,
      - The ongoing training of production personnel and members of the technical sector.
      Italian scaffolding industry has always placed the mission to provide its partners products
      high quality at competitive prices, making sure the attention to detail, and the safety of
      operators, pledging to constantly provide the best services related to construction products
      such as design and consulting.

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