Rima Arafat / salem

Partner & General Manager
ARRIVAL 13 Oct 2015, DEPARTURE 17 Oct 2015
Arab engineering services & consultations ( ARABESC )

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DescriptionARABESC was established in 1960 in Nablus as a consultants with specialization of Architecture, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Roads, Water & Sewage Engineering & Urban Planning. ARABESC Established a new subsidiary company ( Bridges for marketing & real estate investment ) concerns in marketing and selling properties in many countries  & Agent for real estate companies  in Palestine  Greece  & Cyprus.

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    Consultancy services in construction and engineering

    ARABESC Provides Consultation services including design, tender document, supervision & management of various projects such as Commercial Building, Industrial Projects, Hospitals, Schools, Public Buildings, Housing Projects , Water Reservoir & Water networks, Sewage, Urban Planning ……etc.

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