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DescriptionNehaya Accessories is a project in which fine jewellery – necklaces, bracelets, earrings – are designed and produced with a goal to add a touch of beauty and glamour to the person wearing them and to the fashion world. Precious stones, gold and silver are used to make necklaces adorned by handmade piece of Palestinian embroidery or artistic work produced by skilled handicrafts people. Shawls are also decorated with hand sewn Palestinian embroidery of different patterns and designs and adorned by a piece of ornamentation also made of colourful Palestinian embroidery.
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      Design of Jewelry, embroidery shawls, silver pendants

      Product 1: Shawls: My work includes selling shawls made of fine fabric, added to them colourful Palestinian embroidery and ornaments also of Palestinian embroidery patterns, all hand stitched
      Product 2: Jewelry: I design necklaces made of different sizes of precious stones with pendants made of silver or gold with special Palestinian designs including Arabic calligraphy and artistic work made by local artists and skilled craftspeople.
      Product 3: Pendants: I design pendants made of silver or gold with artistic work of Arabic words to be added to necklaces cut and shaped by skilled handicrafts people.

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