Farida Abd el fatah

General manager
Zad misr for food supplies

Bilateral Meetings

  • (09.30 am - 05.30 pm). Please add the "Cooperation Profile" below
DescriptionCompany Background Zad Misr produces & distributes high quality and affordable food products for customers looking to transition to a healthier lifestyle. It is committed to nutritious and tasty ingredients that can be easily incorporated into traditional cooking practices in Egypt and the Arab world.
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Agrofood industry


    rice, tomato paste, vinegar, oil

    distribution of basic food commodities such as white rice, tomato paste, vinegar and oil.
    It is a range of items under healthy product category (these items will lunch throw the project phases ) 1- The brown rice 1 kg in plastic packaging. 2- Many items produced from brown rice powder like (a mixture for fried chicken and mixture for white sauce in powder form ) 3- Rice with dried vegetables1kg in plastic packaging.