Mira Zatari

Marketing & Export manager
Camels Sandals

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DescriptionCamels Sandals Factory:-     Our factory is family business start with my father, and he was working for local and small markets, and one day chine's products start to cover all the shops in Palestine, because the cheapest price, in this time I was working in exporting and marketing Jerusalem stones for abroad, and sometimes Israel bought our Palestinian stones and they re-export under name (made In Israel), and this action made me be angry (why Palestinian products go for abroad under name (ISRAEL), so I start thinking very strong to find solution and find new channels so we can supplying Palestinian products for abroad and show the world our quality and ability to compete many products. I worked in selling stones and part time with my family to sell our sandals also electronically by established our website, our outlook and publishing all our information via internet and Google, and I very surprised and thanked so much when I start receiving emails that they interested our sandals so much, and start sending samples and loved it and after with boxes after with partial shipments sometimes containers and we are using the Palestinian Certificate of origin which I proud it so much and if god want we will work more and more and give global way to our factory based on few words which stocked in my mind ( Think Global, Act local) and from these simples words I will worked and still working for marketing and exporting our products (made in Palestine).
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      find good collaborations with stores who's interested Sandals leather


      Genuine Leather Factories and PU factories

      to find new suppliers for PU materials, leather and any accessories related to our handmade sandals, coz Italy the original country for shoes.

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      1. Technical co-operation
      2. Manufacturing agreement
      3. Sales / Distribution

      New customers & new markets

      to find new customers and markets who's interesting in handmade leather sandals :)

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