Sally Bahgat

Oasis Community Center

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DescriptionA company working in the field of sustainability education and environmental awareness .
"Oasis Community Center (OCC) is a farm that is partially operated by renewable energy; it provides education and training in the field of renewable energy, (Solar Photovoltaic Energy PV, Solar Thermal Energy ST), Carbon emission reduction CDM, agriculture and near-zero-energy building alongside hosting entrepreneurial and character-building camps. OCC uses a 10,000 square meter facility, that is equipped with PV systems, ST systems, PV lab, bio-digester, and a variety of renewable energy setups, as well as a natural-stone near-zero energy building, that is used for both education purposes, as well as hosting school students and families to experience the ecological living through. The business objective is to sell sustainability education services to school kids and undergraduates in the form of green days and green camps, also to sell day-use at the “Khan Eco-Lodge". "
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Organization Size1-10
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      cooperation with EU counterparts in sustainability education and training

      we are offering a strong reference list, good access to schools, an already working place, well equipped, with good reputation and trained staff.

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