Yasmin Jaber

Owner & Director
Yasmin Sweets Company

Bilateral Meetings

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DescriptionPrivate Company, established 2010, registered at the Palestinian Ministry of Economy. Main production All dates Derivatives. markets targeted so far is the local, towards international markets.
"Al Yasmin Sweets Company is a solid company, established in 2010, registered at the Palestinian Ministry of Economy, It is first of its kind in the region. We are the first and the only in what we do. Led by a team of young ladies. The company managed to have it’s a reasonable share in the Palestinian market. Main Production line is Dates Stuffed with nuts and covered with chocolate, besides manufacturing all Dates Derivatives, like Coffee, Chocolate, Cream, Honey. All production of our company is so far Handmade. The company is 6 years old yet well known with good reputation in the Palestinian Market. The Company deals with major institution exclusively."
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Agrofood industry


    Partnership, and EU Markets

    Looking for international partner to support my growing company via providing equipment needed and opening new markets in the EU countries

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