Tujan Mushasha

Manager and owner
13 oct._17 oct.
My Hands My Tools (Asamina_ wooden decorations for kids rooms_wooden boxes with palestinian stones

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DescriptionOur products vary from children to home decorations.We started by making children names out of wood to be hung on the wall..we sit with each child or mother and ask about what they like best,favorite colors,characters,themes..etc, Another product is our customized wooden boxes,these are used to reserve the well known Palestinian traditional sweets"ma`moul" on Adha feast.or it can simply say "Happy Eid". Our favorite product is the stone decorated wooden boxes.We use stones from Palestine such as the dark stones from The Dead Sea or the honey colored Stones from Tiberius ,etc.We use these stones to add spiritual value to our products and make a bond between our customers and their homeland Palestine.
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        new technology in wood cutting

        new technology in wood cutting for accessories produced for children rooms

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