Khetam Sulieman

Head of Board Members
Bita Cooperative for Agricultural Processing

Bilateral Meetings

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Description"Bita Cooperative for Agricultural Processing is a cooperative established in 2011 in Bita village in Nablus by 15 women. Within a short period of time, this number grew to 27 women members. These women gathered in order to enhance their families' livelihoods, this despite the conservative environment around them. They work in the production of olive oil soap with a range of different scents naturally to help preserving quality of ingredients, such as jasmine, Dead Sea minerals, lavender, figs and almonds. Until now Bita Cooperative has been producing and selling locally and exporting under other large companies' names, lacking their own branding and presence. Lately, through partnership with other organizations they have been supported in developing their own packaging and marketing material and begun to expand local sales. The women in Bita Cooperative are looking forward to selling under their own name and diversifying and expanding market channels. "
Organization Type Women's Association
Areas of Activities



    Equipment purchase, Market access

    The product is the natural olive oil soap ( solid and liquid), with different scents. The soap is being made by Palestinian women in the village of Bita, using only the olive oil after testing in Laboratories.

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